Newsletters & Calendars

Oakview Newsletters

Every month, a newsletter is given to each resident and mailed to every responsible party for the resident. The newsletter contains highlighted special events, resident and employee birthdays, departmental updates and information, and also may include fun facts, poems, games and recipes.

Oakview’s Sutter Living Center Newsletter:

Oakview Activity Calendar

Group Activities: Group activities are offered at different levels to meet the needs of all residents. Group activities are provided seven days a week.

A monthly activity calendar (see below) is followed and resident input is always used to establish a wide variety of events. Activities include, but are not limited to, physical games, crafts, cooking groups, gardening events, educational programs, special events and parties, theme days/weeks, discussion groups and sensory groups for the cognitively impaired residents. Residents are encouraged and praised for their involvement although their choices are respected when they chose not to participate.