Services Offered by Oakview

Physical Therapy Services

Oakview employs an on-site physical therapist and staff assistants. Physical Therapy involves the treatment of illnesses or injury through various techniques and treatments such as exercise, walking instruction, transfer instruction, heat, ultrasound, or electrical muscle stimulation to maximize movement and mobility and minimize functional dependence on others.

In order to receive Physical Therapy, the physician will determine a specific diagnosis or problem that makes it medically necessary for the individual to be treated in a skilled rehabilitation program. When this is determined, the physician may choose to order an evaluation and possibly an active treatment program. In order to maximize quality of care for our residents, the Physical Therapy department functions as a part of a total care planning team, with the resident and the resident’s family being involved.

We seek to maximize each resident’s level of function and independence, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to return home to their family and community.  Oakview’s interdiciplinary team is equipped to meet subacute and complex needs through our in-house physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapies, 24 – hour nursing care, medical visits by attending physicians and a specialized pharmacy.  This breadth of holistic care allows us to better rehabilitate our residents following a surgery or injury as well as assist them with living out the end state of their life with the utmost wellness and dignity.

These services are offered Monday through Friday and weekends if indicated.