Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Sutter Living Center - An Alzheimer's Special Care Unit

Sutter Living Center is a 20-bed self-contained special needs unit within Oakview. It was created to be a temporary home for those with stage four through mid-stage six Alzheimer’s desease and related dementias. To be eligible for care residents must:

  • Have an irreversible diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as their primary diagnosis
  • Require long-term nursing care
  • Be independently mobile and able to participate in activities
  • Be able to eat on his or her own

Transition out of the special needs unit into the skilled nursing unit will be recommended when a resident’s dementia has progressed to an advanced stage in which he or she:

  • Has become bedridden
  • Is unable to eat on his or her own
  • Is unable to participate in activities
  • Develops medical needs that exceed the level of care offered

Sutter Living Center strives to provide the highest level of care and services; activities to nurture the body, mind and spirit; delicious, nourishing meals; warm, inviting accommodations; and an extended family of dedicated friends and caregivers.

Skilled Staff, Individualized Care

Our professional, compassionate staff has been trained to meet the distinct, ever-changing needs and challenges of our residents.  Recognizing that each person is unique, our nurses, dietitians, social workers and therapists work as a team to design a care plan for each resident, tailoring it specifically to his or her physical, psychological, emotional and social needs.  Plans are reviewed regularly – with input from residents’ family members – to ensure medical care, services, diet and activities are modified as necessary.

Our caregivers are trained to ...

… help and guide residents in ways that are reassuring and encouraging.

… deliver care in a compassionate style that reduces anxiety and confusion.

… exhibit patience and tolerance, offering an attitude of kindness and flexibility.

Maximize each resident’s functional independence and morale.

Homelike Environment

Sutter Living Center offers an innovative homelike setting for its residents, allowing them to safely and comfortably explore their environment. From the bright lighting and contrasting color scheme to the large, way-finding walkways and tranquil resting spots, all aspects of the interior were specially designed to help those with memory loss easily navigate their living space with confidence. The unit is locked and secure, providing controlled access and egress only to staff and visitors.

Sutter Living Center Features

Private Suites

Each with a bed, half bathroom, nightstand and dresser.

Shared Spa

For bathing, grooming and hygiene needs.

Living Room

With comfortable seating for residents and visitors.

Wandering Garden

Providing a SAFE, refreshing space for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Group dining

Serving family-style meals and snacks, with choices given to accommodate personal preferences and special nutrition requirements.

Activity Room

Equipped with tables and a small kitchen for supervised, structured projects and cooking groups.

Enriching Activities

Our planned activities led by skilled staff provide structure for our residents and also promote wellness, liveliness and a sense of purpose through social interaction, cognitive stimulation and exercise.

Offered seven days a week, our many group and one-on-one activities include:

  • Exercise
  • Reading and disussions
  • Card, board and word games
  • Musical entertainment and sing-a-longs
  • Holiday and special event celebrations
  • Outdoor gatherings