Services Offered by Oakview

Barber/Beauty Shop Services

For the convenience of Oakview’s residents, a barber/beauty shop is located within the building. Appointments may be scheduled by the resident or family member for a licensed beautician or barber to come into Oakview. A list of their names, phone numbers, and current pricing for haircuts, sets, and perms is conveniently located in the shop.

The staff at Oakview has found this service to be beneficial to the maintenance of self worth of each resident, while also promoting pride in their appearance.

Therapeutic Dietary Services

The Dietary Department is led by the Director of Dietary Services. The department has two Certified Dietary Managers on staff full time and a Registered Dietician who consults at the facility two to four times each month.

The department employs 18 staff members including cooks and food service workers. We generate three nutritious meals a day plus nourishments for 96 residents. Meals are also available to be purchased by employees on a daily basis. In total our dietary staff prepares over 8,000 meals a month equating to over 100,000 meals a year.

Menus are provided in seasonal cycles which have five weeks in each cycle. Daily menus are provided to any resident who desires to make choices including therapeutic and mechanically altered diets as well as alternatives to all items daily including soup and sandwiches. Buffet style meals are served at select meals in Oakview and the Sutter Living Center for residents who eat in the dining room and can make their own choices at the point of service.

Our dietary professionals provide individualized nutritional assessments of resident needs and care based on a case by case basis in conjunction with all disciplines as well as taking into account each resident’s diagnosis and personal goals.

Special event meals are a focus on holidays and special occasions such as picnics and socials. Families and residents are welcome to provide suggestions to meals and events. Our goal is to provide quality nutritious meals on a daily basis.

Nursing Services

Oakview Medical Care Facility licensed by the State of Michigan as a Skilled Nursing Facility.

The nursing department is the “hub” of the facility. A leading employer within the county, the nursing department alone employs over 40 Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), 10 Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and 17 Registered Nurses(RNs).

The passing of medications, necessary treatments, monitoring, charting and documentation of information for compliance with State and Federal Nursing Home Rules and Regulations is provided by our professional staff.  CNAs provide care on a daily basis to assure optimal physical and psychological well-being. CNAs work closely with Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy to increase mobility and independence.

The goal of the Nursing Department is to work with the resident, their family, attending physicians and other staff disciplines to assure each resident attains and functions to their full potential.

Occupational Therapy Services

Oakview employs an on-site Occupational Therapist. Occupational Therapy is the therapeutic use of purposeful and meaningful goal-directed activities to evaluate and treat individuals who have a disease or disorder, impairment, activity limitation, or participation restriction which interferes with their ability to function independently in daily life roles. Our Occupational Therapy program emphasizes relearning self-care tasks following hip surgery, strokes or illness. The pace of therapy is an individualized program geared to each resident’s rehabilitation needs. Many residents regain independent living skills and return home upon completion of their therapy program.

Pharmacy Services

Prescription medications are filled as a result of a physician’s order. In accordance with State and Federal rules, our medications are dispensed by “Unit Dose”. The Facility uses an outside pharmacy to provide this service. Our consultant pharmacist reviews each resident’s medication regime on a recurring basis.

The pharmacy is an outside agency; its services are not included in the daily rate. The pharmacy participates with most insurance carriers. Residents will receive a bill for any uncovered services.

Physical Therapy Services

Oakview employs an on-site physical therapist and staff assistants. Physical Therapy involves the treatment of illnesses or injury through various techniques and treatments such as exercise, walking instruction, transfer instruction, heat, ultrasound, or electrical muscle stimulation to maximize movement and mobility and minimize functional dependence on others.

In order to receive Physical Therapy, the physician will determine a specific diagnosis or problem that makes it medically necessary for the individual to be treated in a skilled rehabilitation program. When this is determined, the physician may choose to order an evaluation and possibly an active treatment program. In order to maximize quality of care for our residents, the Physical Therapy department functions as a part of a total care planning team, with the resident and the resident’s family being involved.

We seek to maximize each resident’s level of function and independence, with the ultimate goal of enabling them to return home to their family and community.  Oakview’s interdiciplinary team is equipped to meet subacute and complex needs through our in-house physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapies, 24 – hour nursing care, medical visits by attending physicians and a specialized pharmacy.  This breadth of holistic care allows us to better rehabilitate our residents following a surgery or injury as well as assist them with living out the end state of their life with the utmost wellness and dignity.

These services are offered Monday through Friday and weekends if indicated.

Physician Services

The facility is staffed by a Certified Medical Director and an Assistant Medical Director who are licensed, qualified physicians. Individual resident selected attending physicians conduct in house visits on a scheduled basis in order to meet each residents medical needs.

Oakview is proud to announce the following
Attending Medical Staff:

  • Dr. Charles R. Pollard, CMD, Medical Director
  • Dr. John P. Cooney, DO, Assistant Medical Director
  • Dr. David Z. Gadzinski, MD

If your physician does not currently attend at Oakview,

please contact our Admissions Coordinator for assistance.

Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy services are provided by a Certified Speech-Language Pathologist employed by Oakview. The focus of speech therapy is the diagnosis and remediation of communication and swallowing disorders.

The goals of communication therapy may be to improve speech, language, or cognitive skills to better enable a person to effectively interact with his or her environment. The goal of swallowing therapy may be to improve oral motor skills for better oral manipulation of solids and liquids or to improve skills for safe swallowing of solids and liquids. Persons who may benefit from speech therapy services in this setting are those who have a neurological diagnosis such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia or strokes.

Recreational Therapy Services

Oakview Medical Care Facility is proud to be able to offer an extensive activity program. Oakview has a Certified Recreational Therapists on staff that plan, implement and oversee all recreational activities. Along with the Recreational Therapist’s there are energetic recreational staff members that assure all residents have activities implemented to their needs. A wide range of activities are offered to the resident to meet emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs. Activities are designed to meet the needs of cognitively impaired residents with controlled stimulation as well as activities for the higher functioning residents to stimulate cognition and create socialization.

Group Activities
Group activities are offered at different levels to meet the needs of all residents. Group activities are provided seven days a week.

A monthly activity calendar (see below) is followed and resident input is always welcomed to establish a wide variety of events. Activities include, but are not limited to, physical games, crafts, cooking groups, gardening events, educational programs, special events and parties, theme days/weeks, discussion groups and sensory groups for the cognitively impaired residents. Residents are encouraged and praised for their involvement although their choices are respected when they choose not to participate.

1:1 Programs
Often times, a resident’s abilities are limited or they choose to not become involved in group programs. When this is the case, a modified activity plan is called for. This may include in room activities, sensory stimulation, comforting visits, or scheduled room visits. The residents are encouraged to become involved to their fullest potential whether in groups or on a 1:1 basis.

Special Events and Programming
Oakview offers many special events to help residents stay connected and continue to enjoy being a part of the community. We also coordinate with a variety of entertainers from far and near to come to the facility and perform. Some of the special annual events that are planned include:

  • Motorcycle Rally
  • Antique Car Show
  • Tractor Show
  • Bicycle Rodeo
  • Scottville Clown Band
  • Regular visits from local Veterans Groups

Oakview offers free Wi-Fi throughout the entire building. There is a computer and iPad for resident use located in the Recreation Department. There is also a Wii that is used for entertainment and games as well as strengthening and coordination as needed.

The Recreation Department prides itself with keeping the residents content and satisfied with a wide range of activities as well as integration into the community and also bringing the community in to share in the lives of the residents. We offer programming and themes for each season and encourage families to partake in activities with their loved ones. Oakview also offers a beautiful patio and garden area for residents and families to gather when the weather is nice. There are covered areas for shade, a grill, and a wheelchair accessible swing.

Read our newsletters and view our calendars here.


Social Services

Making the decision to move into a new home is difficult for both the resident and the family involved. Often times, the placement is made following an acute problem needing hospitalization. Placement may be short term or long term and staff is very sensitive to individual needs. The adjustment period presents feelings of loss for the resident and these emotions are gently addressed by the social work staff. Family members are also helped with this adjustment time. Other psychosocial needs are addressed on an individual basis.

This facility has trained professionals with degrees in Social Work. They wear many hats within the facility and always strive to assure residents’ rights and quality of life. The role of the social worker within long-term care has certainly grown within past years. With focus now on “Quality of Life” the social worker advocates for the resident. Residents may be assisted through Oakview’s Behavioral Management Team and or the High Risk Falls Committee. The facility strives to be free of physical restraints and the social workers closely monitor mood altering and psychoactive drugs. There is a close working relationship with the rest of the interdisciplinary team, as well as the attending physician to closely monitor these types of medications. Fundamental to social work is attention to the environmental factors that create and contribute to challenges in daily living. Changes in the environment are often made by promoting an understanding of resident’s moods and behaviors and therefore offering alternatives to drug therapy or restraints.

Our Social Services staff works closely with Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, Community Mental Health, Home Health Care agencies, Probate Court and various other community resources to assure the highest quality of life for the residents. Acting as a liaison between the family, the resident and the facility, the social worker will often help the resident with advance directives and other long term care issues. The social worker assures that the medically related emotional and social needs of residents are met and maintained throughout the resident’s stay at Oakview.