Services Offered by Oakview

Recreational Therapy Services

Oakview Medical Care Facility is proud to be able to offer an extensive activity program. Oakview has a Certified Recreational Therapists on staff that plan, implement and oversee all recreational activities. Along with the Recreational Therapist’s there are energetic recreational staff members that assure all residents have activities implemented to their needs. A wide range of activities are offered to the resident to meet emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs. Activities are designed to meet the needs of cognitively impaired residents with controlled stimulation as well as activities for the higher functioning residents to stimulate cognition and create socialization.

Group Activities
Group activities are offered at different levels to meet the needs of all residents. Group activities are provided seven days a week.

A monthly activity calendar (see below) is followed and resident input is always welcomed to establish a wide variety of events. Activities include, but are not limited to, physical games, crafts, cooking groups, gardening events, educational programs, special events and parties, theme days/weeks, discussion groups and sensory groups for the cognitively impaired residents. Residents are encouraged and praised for their involvement although their choices are respected when they choose not to participate.

1:1 Programs
Often times, a resident’s abilities are limited or they choose to not become involved in group programs. When this is the case, a modified activity plan is called for. This may include in room activities, sensory stimulation, comforting visits, or scheduled room visits. The residents are encouraged to become involved to their fullest potential whether in groups or on a 1:1 basis.

Special Events and Programming
Oakview offers many special events to help residents stay connected and continue to enjoy being a part of the community. We also coordinate with a variety of entertainers from far and near to come to the facility and perform. Some of the special annual events that are planned include:

  • Motorcycle Rally
  • Antique Car Show
  • Tractor Show
  • Bicycle Rodeo
  • Scottville Clown Band
  • Regular visits from local Veterans Groups

Oakview offers free Wi-Fi throughout the entire building. There is a computer and iPad for resident use located in the Recreation Department. There is also a Wii that is used for entertainment and games as well as strengthening and coordination as needed.

The Recreation Department prides itself with keeping the residents content and satisfied with a wide range of activities as well as integration into the community and also bringing the community in to share in the lives of the residents. We offer programming and themes for each season and encourage families to partake in activities with their loved ones. Oakview also offers a beautiful patio and garden area for residents and families to gather when the weather is nice. There are covered areas for shade, a grill, and a wheelchair accessible swing.

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