Oakview’s COVID-19 Reporting Update for today.

The data below is updated daily and reflects results reported as of midnight the day before.

Today’s Date: 11/26/2020
Exhibiting Respiratory Symptoms in Last 72 Hours Total






Residents 0 1416 27 1390
Staff 0 4112 15 3963


November 19, 2020-COVID Update: Oakview continues to be in outbreak status and tests all residents and staff 2x per week. To get out of this status we will need to go 14 days without a positive case. So far this week we have one positive resident. This resident has been moved to our COVID unit. Our COVID unit currently has 8 residents and we have had 12 residents recover and come out of the unit. Oakview staff continues to work tirelessly to contain the outbreak and appreciates all the positive thoughts and treats that are being sent to the facility!

We do urge all of you to do your part and knock down community spread of COVID. All counties in Michigan are at a level E for risk, this means that nursing homes are not allowed to have visitors.

November 11, 2018-COVID Update:

Since the last update we have had two residents and one staff member test positive for COVID. In total we have had 20 positive residents and 12 positive staff. Overall, we have run 1153 resident tests and 3259 employee tests.

We continue to be in outbreak status and will continue to test 2x per week or more often if needed because of symptoms. To shine a little light on this report, we have graduated five residents from the COVID unit. We will share pictures soon!

Again, we thank you for the continued support and positive thoughts. We are working tirelessly to contain the spread. The Health Department and our Physicians have been very helpful and supportive and we are appreciative!


Automated calls:  Oakview is using an automated communication system. If you change your phone number or want the calls to go to a different number make sure to contact Kathleen at 231-845-5185 ext 228.

Nursing Home and Facility Complaint Letter and Form

BCHS Nursing Home Complaint Letter to Residents and Families

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How to Reach Residents 

Resident Cordless Phones

General Side- 231-843-1496   and   231-233-4720

Resident Cordless Phone in the SLC- 231-843-7172

We now have two options for video chatting: Face-time for iPhone’s and Google Duo for any brand of phone. Please make sure to download the apps prior to setting up a time to video chat. Please call Mandy Ohman with questions and to get on the schedule. 231-854-5183 (ext. 259)

To call with questions : Oakview Medical Care:  231-845-5185

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