Oakview’s COVID-19 Reporting Update for today.

The data below is updated daily and reflects results reported as of midnight the day before.

Today’s Date: 01/20/2020
Exhibiting Respiratory Symptoms in Last 72 Hours Total






Residents 0 1960 28 1932
Staff 0 5837 21 5816


COVID Update-December 24, 2020(1:30pm)

We have had no positive employees or residents to report this week!  We are almost out of outbreak status.  If all continues to go well Oakview will be allowed to start compassionate care visits next week.

Residents have to qualify with specific criteria for these visits and visitors will be required to provide a negative test result within 72 hours before visiting.

We may be able to provide rapid testing to visitors but will have to wait to make that decision to assure we have adequate supplies to test residents and staff.  If your resident qualifies for a compassionate care visits you will be contacted by Mary Jo.,9753,7-406-98178_100722—,00.html

Window visits continue to be offered and have to be scheduled with Mary Jo or Mandy.  Please be patient when calling your loved one using the Oakview phone numbers.  As you can imagine the phones are extra busy for the holidays.

Merry Christmas!  And thank you again for all of the generous donations of treats and meals!  We feel the love!

COVID Update – December 21, 2020

The COVID-19 vaccination is on its way and expected to arrive before the end of the year. Resident consent forms need to be completed, signed and returned to Oakview by December 28, 2020.

If you have additional questions please call 231.845.5185 Cherie at ext. 236 or Emily at ext. 240. The vaccination consent form and fact sheet have been added to the Oakview added below and can be downloaded if preferred.

Vaccination Fact Sheet                                                          Vaccination Consent Form

COVID Update-December 17, 2020

We have some good news to report…Our COVID unit is empty!  We have had no positive residents or employees to report this week.  Our last positive employee result was from a COVID test on December 7th   and last positive resident was on December 2nd.  We are required to test employees and residents 2x per week while in our outbreak status.  This outbreak will continue until we are COVID free for 14 days.  According to the MiSafe Start information Mason County continues to be an E level risk area and is now at a 10.4% positivity rate.  When a county goes above 10% the state requires that long-term care facilities test employees 2x per week.

Mason County’s E level risk, unfortunately this does not allow Oakview to have visitors.  Window visits are allowed and can be scheduled by contacting Mary Jo or Mandy at Oakview.

Vaccination is on the near horizon and we are relieved!   Oakview has partnered with Omnicare for vaccination distribution.  We continue to wait for Omnicare to provide dates for the clinics.  When we hear the dates, we will get those posted.  Please watch for consents to be delivered via the mail and please get those back to Oakview ASAP.

The community is amazing and we continue to receive wonderful treats and goodies!  The employees are grateful and we feel the love!  Thank you!

December 4, 2020-COVID Update: (1:30pm)
Oakview continues in outbreak status as we need to go 14 days without a positive case. Our last positive resident was identified November 30th. We currently have 4 residents in our COVID positive unit. We have had zero positive employees identified this week. We all keep our fingers(and toes) crossed that we continue to have low numbers and eventually no new cases.

Oakview has partnered with Omnicare/CVS Pharmacy for the COVID-19 Vaccine. We have been informed that the vaccine may arrive by the end of the month.

We continue to thank the community for the overwhelming support. We have received some treats and meals this week and the employees really appreciate the gestures! We also continue to thank the families for their support and understanding through this unbelievably difficult time.

We miss you all and look forward to better times.

November 19, 2020-COVID Update: Oakview continues to be in outbreak status and tests all residents and staff 2x per week. To get out of this status we will need to go 14 days without a positive case. So far this week we have one positive resident. This resident has been moved to our COVID unit. Our COVID unit currently has 8 residents and we have had 12 residents recover and come out of the unit. Oakview staff continues to work tirelessly to contain the outbreak and appreciates all the positive thoughts and treats that are being sent to the facility!

We do urge all of you to do your part and knock down community spread of COVID. All counties in Michigan are at a level E for risk, this means that nursing homes are not allowed to have visitors.

November 11, 2018-COVID Update:

Since the last update we have had two residents and one staff member test positive for COVID. In total we have had 20 positive residents and 12 positive staff. Overall, we have run 1153 resident tests and 3259 employee tests.

We continue to be in outbreak status and will continue to test 2x per week or more often if needed because of symptoms. To shine a little light on this report, we have graduated five residents from the COVID unit. We will share pictures soon!

Again, we thank you for the continued support and positive thoughts. We are working tirelessly to contain the spread. The Health Department and our Physicians have been very helpful and supportive and we are appreciative!


Automated calls:  Oakview is using an automated communication system. If you change your phone number or want the calls to go to a different number make sure to contact Kathleen at 231-845-5185 ext 228.

Nursing Home and Facility Complaint Letter and Form

BCHS Nursing Home Complaint Letter to Residents and Families

BCHS Facility Complaint Form-361_517391_7


How to Reach Residents 

Resident Cordless Phones

General Side- 231-843-1496   and   231-233-4720

Resident Cordless Phone in the SLC- 231-843-7172

We now have two options for video chatting: Face-time for iPhone’s and Google Duo for any brand of phone. Please make sure to download the apps prior to setting up a time to video chat. Please call Mandy Ohman with questions and to get on the schedule. 231-854-5183 (ext. 259)

To call with questions : Oakview Medical Care:  231-845-5185

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